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Remember Your Strength

Remember Your Strength

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Remember Your Strength [ a restorative memoir ]

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Life's unpredictability can throw us off balance, shaking our faith and leaving us searching for solid ground. In her restorative memoir, Penda L. James candidly shares her journey of rediscovering strength in the face of unexpected challenges and unrealistic expectations. As she shares her heart and pieces of her journal, Penda imparts 4 invaluable lessons to help you when you need to remember your strength: Stand on your faith, Declare Your Power, Activate Your Resilience, Write Your Blueprint of Faith and Courage.


This book serves as an illustration for finding strength when life knocks you off balance. Through reflections and poetry, Penda discusses how she navigated the unpredictable seasons of life, worked through the grief of losing both of her parents unexpectedly, and found the freedom to live in her authenticity while being a minister’s wife. offering a blueprint for resilience and self-discovery. James reflects on her own pivotal moments, including overcoming rejection and letting go of battles that weren't hers to fight. Through vulnerability and introspection, Penda will help you reflect on your beliefs and identify a situation that confirmed your faith. If you will consider how your faith has guided you, you can share your bounce-back story.


    It all began at the book launch of my friend Jai Robin Jones. As I  watched Jai bask in the glow of her resilience, a revelation struck me: I, needed to tap into my strength. Inspired by Jai's courage and authenticity, I embarked on a quest to reclaim my power and redefine my purpose. Through poetry and soul-searching reflections, "Remember Your Strength" unveils the layers of my journey toward healing and restoration. My story serves as an example to help you curate your own stories of resilience.

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