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Your story has the power to transform lives.


You helped me put the pieces together and gave me permission to feel what I was feeling in real-time, breathe, and keep going. I was validated every step of the way.

Diana Lowe - Author

My biggest challenge was I had no self-confidence in my project. I did not have the self-discipline that it takes to write a book. Penda was relentless, she kept me on task and she helped me have the total support I needed. She was kind and strong. She is very smart and wise.

Allison Wolf - Author
Allison Unchained


If you really need to develop a plan from writing to publishing, establish a realistic timeline, and have the needed accountability to stay on track, then we highly recommend investing in Penda James as your Scribe Coach.

Roosevelt and Renita Quick, Authors
Enduring Love Ministry

Penda L. James is a great coach, encourager & wordsmith. She has a unique gift of bringing life to one’s incomplete thoughts/visions. She will help writers dig deep and help cultivate & polish their raw/untapped potential.

Michal Gaston, Chef, Author

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