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I strive to create a safe place for aspiring authors to curate the stories that shaped them.

Personal Diary


I never want anyone to be ashamed of their story.


My mom gave me a beautiful green and orange kente-cloth covered journal. I poured my heart into it. One day in a moment of self-righteousness, I sat in the middle of my bedroom floor sobbing while I ripped the pages into tiny shreds. When I finished, I scooped the rubble into a bag and threw it in the dumpster.


I regretted that action immediately, and to this day, my heart aches because I tried to erase my history. I was ashamed of my story back then, I was young and didn't understand the power of my words. Now I know that when I write through the pain, I write until it no longer hurts to talk about it.  

I am a Scribe Coach because my father taught me that when a person reads your writing, you have their full attention. My favorite books have done that for me. That's what I want to teach you to do. 


You Are Someone's Favorite Author.

Finish Your Project!

Cary, North Carolina

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