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Burning Bushes is a journal designed to inspire and guide readers to recognize how God uses everyday situations to speak to them.

This journal contains writing prompts that will help you reflect on your personal revelations and experiences with God.


I encourage you to record your spiritual journey and follow the prompts on each page to grow closer to Jesus and be mindful of God's presence in your daily life.

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You helped me put the pieces together and gave me permission to feel what I was feeling in real-time, breathe, and keep going. I was validated every step of the way.

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When Yellow Button was bullied by Zipper and Scissors, he did not know what to do until he talked to his Mommy Button. He was scared, but he found the courage to stand up to his bullies. 

You can stand up to your bullies, too.

Tiffany Everheart-Ray: Illustrator


Dandelions are strong and hard to break.


When Amaris visits her family in Ohio, she learns that her big cousin EJ is thinking about quitting the basketball team. Join in the fun as her family does the Dandelion Dance to help him remember how to persevere. 

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Abstract Curves

Six-year-old Lynae must tell her stories of friendship, courage, and love in order to fill the world with hope. Lynae writes and illustrates her stories with the help of her mom, Joi.

Even though she is little, Lynae loves out loud and her hope is contagious.


Written by Lynae Horton

Illustrations by Kayla Jenkins 

This book will inspire readers to change their mindset, usually, people only consider the negative effects of This book will inspire you to change your mindset and it will enlighten the people who love you about your process of growth. I will teach you about the “positive power of reverse,” persistence, and the significance of second chances. I will teach you about the “positive power of reverse,” persistence, and the significance of second chances.

Abstract Curves
Abstract Curves

When alopecia caused Christopher to lose his hair, he stopped smiling. He overcame bullying with the help of a friend, but when his friend moved away Christopher felt alone.


When Christopher's dad noticed he wasn't smiling he taught him a valuable lesson - hair does not define a person. Join Christopher as he tells his story about self-love and learning to smile again. 

This book is a collection of reflections exemplifying unyielding faith, and an affirmation of, “where there’s a will” there’s a way.


"Salvaged and Saved: A Memoir of Survival in Poetry, Short Stories and Prose" is the author’s testimony of restoration, resilience, and renewal.

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