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Check Out My Full Portfolio - PENDA L. JAMES

I never want anyone to be ashamed of their story.


As a teenager, my mom gave me a beautiful kente cloth journal. It was green with orange circles. I poured my heart into it. One day in a moment of self-righteousness, I sat in the middle of my bedroom floor sobbing while I ripped the pages into tiny shreds. When I was finished, I scooped the pile of paper into a bag and threw it in the dumpster.

I don’t know why I thought throwing away my journal would make me feel better. I regretted that action immediately, and to this day, my heart aches because I tried to erase myself and my history. I was ashamed to tell my story back then, but I knew I had to, because it is a blueprint for others. 

I am a Scribe Coach because I don’t want anyone to be ashamed of their stories. I strive to help people curate their stories of resilience and tell them with confidence. When we write through the pain, we write until it no longer hurts to talk about it.  

As a result of working with me, people have broken out of stagnation. Some of their successes include:

  • fulfilling life-long dreams of publishing books

  • starting businesses, and

  • overcoming fears of public speaking

I am Penda L. James

CEO - InSCRIBEd Inspiration| Host of The ink Spill

As Your Personal SCRIBE Coach, I advocate for you. So pick up your pen and let your heart speak.  

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