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Time For a Change

Hello, Scribes!

I hope you are finding ways to enjoy yourself while staying hydrated. The sun is definitely sunning out there - be careful.


In 2023, we supported over 20 people in reaching their various goals to inscribe their stories. I see all of you speaking on big stages and promoting your products!

With that said, I need your help to rephrase our tagline: "I help people curate their stories of resilience." I've thought of some words but they don't work for me:

  • Aspiring Authors or Authors

  • Business Owners or Christian Business Owners

  • Visionary Black Women

  • Contemplative Procrastinators

  • Creators (Legacy Building Senior Citizens, Podcasters, Students, Writers

  • Educators, Scribes, or Storytellers

  • Introspective Leaders or Ministry Leaders

  • Mothers or Women (and Men and Fathers)

  • Warriors

The word "people" doesn't describe you at all.

Let me know what word described you when you came to me for help.

And, write about how are you changing these days. What lessons are you learning?


Over the next few weeks, everything on this website will be merged with

While you are over there, make sure to download the mini version of the Remember Your Strength Workbook. A much more interactive version will be available in paperback and digital form in a few weeks. As I am revitalizing everything, what else do you want to see more of from me?

Also, I have a new podcast episode that may interest you. It's a panel discussion about entrepreneurship. If you want to be a guest - schedule your interview >>> here.


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