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Updated: May 4

Hello Scribes,

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month? I fell in love with poetry because some of my fondest memories are of me climbing up on my Grandma Dear's king-sized bed and reading Shel Silverstein's poetry with her. She had a way of enunciating her words that sounded like a beautiful song. Grandma Dear taught me how to speak with confidence and how to feel my words when we read poetry together.

In middle school, having to read her books over the summer, I fell in love with Maya Angelou's poetry. Reading her book and reciting her poetry helped me find my voice. Check out this recording of her reciting one of my favorite poems:

When I looked at the calendar today I chuckled when I saw that the date is 4/4/2024. Many days when I look at the clock in the afternoon it is 4:44. I don't know why the number four seems to follow me. but the word that comes to mind is FORTITUDE which means "Courage in pain or adversity." When we have fortitude, we can rise.


I want to encourage you to read poetry with your family this month. Sit together and share your favorite poems. Write one of your own about fortitude. You never know the strength you will discover or pass on by telling your story.


I wish you love, joy, and poetry this month. If you need to talk through some ideas schedule a Quick Brain Dump.

Don't forget to share your poems with me,


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