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A Brand New Day

I love "The Wiz". I was four when my parents took me to a movie theater in Cleveland, Ohio to see it. They told me that I was scared of some parts, but that I was wiggling and dancing all the way through the movie. I still get excited when I watch it. I even played Addaperle the good witch in a community theater.

I woke up with several songs from "The Wiz" on my mind this morning. (If you are unfamiliar with it, listen to the soundtrack* on YouTube. Thank me later.) Upon listening to these songs, I felt like my soul's battery had been recharged. Thanks to a conversation with Ms. Ola, a Scribe Coaching client, the Wiz was the last thing on my mind last night.

Let me explain. I had high hopes for 2022. My list of goals and aspirations was different this year. I was trying new things, stretching out of my comfort zone, dreaming bigger and in color. I started preparing in November 2021 for the transformation that I was going to bring into 2022. I was ready and I was fearless. All was going well until March 13, when my father passed suddenly. My daddy was one of my pillars.

A few weeks later, one of my brother-friends became deathly ill. All of my joy and inspiration leaked slowly out of me. I was in a loop of a "You Can't Win*" mentality. I could not think about my goals or my life outside of grief. I wanted to "go get my blessing" like Mary Mary sings, but I lacked motivation. I wasn't moving, but I kept hearing my Daddy's voice in my head, "Penn, you do good work." I tried, but staying stagnant is not an option for me.

Staying stagnant is not an option for any of us.

This month I started seeing in color again. I guess I needed this incubation period for the past three months. Ironically, INCUBATION is the fourth step of the InSCRIBE me writing process. Making revisions, upgrading and reevaluating are part of life. I know how authors feel about trying to make sure everything is perfect before they release their book. I remind them how hard this part is, but living through it felt like being a freshman in high school!


To keep something warm and safe so that it can grow.

In "The Wiz," the lion loses his confidence and Dorothy sings over him, "Be a Lion*." In her arms the words wrap themselves around him and give him strength. I know that feeling too. A long time ago, my father told me to be a lion. His words were, "Penn, be a dandeLION." That edification became the foundation of everything I do in my business. Being UNPLUCKABLE came from John 10:28 in the Bible, but also from those words my Daddy imparted into me.

When I listened to "Be a Lion" this morning, I thought about all of you and I smiled. In the midst of finding my joy again, I realized how awesome it is to be the Scribe Coach to so many amazing people. You are blazing amazing trails in your field. You are turning things upside down. You are scratching things off of your to-do-lists. You are inscribing your legacy in ways you probably never imagined. I see you. Congratulations and as Ledisi sings, "Bravo."

Thank you for allowing me to support you. Thank you to all of you who joined me at the HEALING. Words. Water. Event. (Photos here). Even my six-year-old-niece wrote a book to raise money to go to Disney World.

In your own way, you all contribute to bolstering my faith and sharpening my iron.

I need a few of you to join my Unpluckable Faith Village. I have been stagnant for three months. Putting all of my energy into other people's dreams seems to be my kryptonite and my superpower. I'm back now. Let's work together to reach the rest of our 2022 goals. We still have five and a half months left in this year.

I created a cool 30-day planner to help with goal setting in 2018 but I had forgotten about it. This week a mentor/client called me out on Facebook and gave a copy away. (Thanks King V. ) His push ignited me because people were asking to buy a copy. I didn't even have any! I had to get up and I had to move while the water was stirred. You can find a digital copy here.

If you are interested,, I have created a 30-day accountability group. Let's use the planner in August and work on a goal together. Get yours for $7 for a limited time and join the group.

I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to walk with you as you pursue your dreams. You remind me that God still has work for me to do.

I'm ready to dance into my "Brand New Day*!"

Write me back and let me know what you hope to accomplish in August.

Your Scribe Coach,


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