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A Call to Greater: #TheResilienceProject

In August of 2020 while participating in a friend’s virtual book release, I heard the voice of God, as clearly as if He were right next to me, “You’re not doing enough.” I was already in a state of reflection while celebrating my friend. She deserved every moment of love that she was basking in that day. We all knew that her victory was our victory. The moment was powerful, it was beautiful, and it was necessary for my reawakening.

A few days after that book launch, one of my coaches, LaQuinte Brinson told me, "There is nothing wrong with any of your products or services, you just don’t talk about them enough.” My mouth got dry when she said that, but she was right. I made a commitment to her and to myself that I would do everything in love moving forward. "Penda" means love. Did you know that?

I had no idea how to promote myself and to be honest, I didn't really want to. I don't like to be the center of attention AND, I was told that promoting myself as a pastor's wife is a conflict of interest.

Being in a leadership role comes with a lot of responsibility. There are joys and pains and it is a calling. I have spent the last 5 years healing in silence from the rejection, criticism and betrayal that comes with the role of leadership. I felt a pressure from the man-made title and muted my God-given purpose.

Let's talk about that one day!

I have helped a lot of people and they are doing awesome things. I have so much to be grateful for in this season of my life.

I may not be:

  • Penda L. James, PhD;

  • Minister Penda L. James;

  • Professor Penda L. James;

  • Best Selling Author Penda L. James

But I am significant, to somebody, somewhere, and I don't take that for granted.

I have had some awesome conversations with people who are doing significant things with their life. They have pressed through personal pain and tragedy, yet they have persevered. When they got knocked down they found their resilience.

These conversations are showing us that leaders are human. We experience loss, have families, get disappointed, feel the strain of financial stress and sometimes wonder if God hears our prayers. These conversations have generated tools for leaders to help them bounce back. The goal is to reach 100.

Life is full of opportunities to grow. We get knocked down but we have to keep getting back up, over and over again. I give you permission to rest in your down moment, but I am here, willing to help you stand up when you are ready.

God is calling us to greater,


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