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Do it For Your Legacy

Hello Scribes!

Before we know it, 2022 is going to wave goodbye. Can you believe #NowNovember is next week? We are soon going to look back and reflect on the highs and lows of this year.

Have you been writing any of your special moments down?

Take a moment today to reflect on 2022. I challenge you to make a list of ten lessons you want to pass on to the future. With this list, you will identify your core values and beliefs and give them clarity. With this exercise you will inscribe something significant about yourself.

Here is my list, written on April 10, 2016:

  1. Leave a written legacy for your children. Your words can provide comfort and peace when they can't be close to you.

  2. Take care of your temple.

  3. Stay hydrated.

  4. Don't keep secrets from the people who love you.

  5. Take care of your teeth.

  6. Plan meals and pack a lunch to save money.

  7. Save 10% your earnings and give 10% to someone who needs it.

  8. Hold your family close, don't let sad moments become the reason for family gatherings.

  9. Laugh as much as you can every day.

  10. Never lose your faith. Nothing can pluck you from God's hand. #UnpluckableMe

I'd love to hear your list, let's schedule a check in so you can share it with me.

I invite you to tell your story to reignite someone else's faith and power for #NowNovember. We will record your interview and I will premiere it during the month of November. I only need 30 minutes of your time. Chose from one of the four topics below:

  • Now I Believe

  • Now I Let Go

  • Now I Embrace

  • Now I Release

Scribe, you have two months to finish this year strong. I'm cheering you on!

InSCRIBE. Do it for your legacy.


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