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Droit Moral

Today I learned about a concept called Droit Moral. This is a French term that means “Moral Rights.” It explains the personal rights that I have as a creator in my work. Check out a definition here:

Droit Moral will ensure that changes and modifications to my project will not be made. We have been learning a lot about copyright laws and Option Agreements in my film class. I am now constantly thinking about (probably slightly obsessive) about these kinds of protections for myself and for other projects. This means something different to me now. There is much more at stake if something is stolen or taken without my permission.

I did not realize though, that the moral integrity of my work, even once it is sold, can be protected outside of the United States. Droit Moral is not applicable in our country, but in many European countries, it is enforceable. And, it can’t be waived even though my work was created in America and I am American.

I love the idea of Droit Moral as something that will protect the moral integrity of my written work as an author and film writer. No one can take my name off of the work or make any modifications to it without my permission.

My goal is to create a work that will be distributed worldwide and I am dreaming much bigger about this project than I have about anything else I can remember. Learning about Droit Moral is inspiring in a way, when my film reaches Europe, I can trust that it will maintain the heart of what I put into it and that gives me peace.

Expanding my dreams worldwide,

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