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Resilience Lesson #2: I am Dope.

The plan was to help my friend promote and sell her book: Life Lessons: Journey to My Dopeness.

My goal was to help her stand in her courage and practice her elevator pitch before a big Instagram interview. I wanted to introduce my friends to my sister-friend who was shining. Her book had been released and someone needed to read about her journey to self-love. She owned her truth and gave people permission to own theirs.

As we were talking, something was resurrected in me during the chat. I remembered that I was Dope too. Our conversation turned into an opportunity for me to share with her how much she has inspired me to tell my story. It reminded me that dopeness is cultivated and nurtured. It confirmed for me that sisters stand with you, beside you, and behind you. Sisterhood is a village that God uses to push you forward to your destiny, Jai said, "I have an awesome circle of people in my life right now."

I didn't know that I needed to declare "I am Dope," Now I keep saying it out loud. There is something about being able to look yourself in the mirror and say with confidence, "I am Dope." When I said it I was saying I am confident, accomplished, strong, and God's daughter. I don't know how long it had been since I had loved on myself so intentionally.

My second lesson in resilience came from Jai Robin Jones before I even knew that I am #TheResilienceProject.

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