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Write Writer!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I dare you to find a way to tell your story. Write about what you have become so that someone else can become great too. If you pick up a pen, you are a SCRIBE.

Scribes have a responsibility to record history and capture what is going on in our world. Writing is one way to leave a legacy. You can do this on your social media accounts, in emails, text messages, voice messages and recordings. Words have the power to bring life or death into a situation. I intend to inspire, empow and encourage healing.

Scribes, I would encourage you as you are writing to think about what you are recording. Put it on paper succinctly and be clear. Write, rewrite, edit and get help if you need to but no matter what, if you are a writer, write.

As a Scribe Coach, I have found that there are many types of writing styles:

  • those who talk as they write

  • writers who start over and restart over, and

  • pen to paper inscribers

Find your rhythm. If you are a writer, you need to write.

Write writer!

Originally published in 2014

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