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Embrace Your Strength

"My people were resilient because there was no other choice."

~Penda L. James


Hello Scribes,

I hope you are filled with the promise of a remarkable 2024.

As we move into February, this is the perfect time to appreciate the fortitude that resides within each of us—the strengths that define our character and shape our journey.

I am thrilled to share some uplifting news and exciting developments with you over the next few weeks. To jumpstart this journey, I invite you to reflect on the core beliefs and values that form your essence. What are the profound lessons that reveal your convictions and resilience?


Take a moment to write down your strengths and celebrate moments that shaped you.


Check out the latest interview from my podcast, The Ink Spill with Grace Armstrong, who is a 3-time breast cancer survivor and an ovarian cancer survivor. Listen to her testimony of strength and share it with someone who could use some encouragement.

Make sure you are following me on social media (IG: @Penscribed, Facebook: @ScribeCoach and @PLynn James), I will be giving away some cool prizes.

And, if you need to talk through some cool ideas, book a free brain dump:

Looking forward to embarking on this journey of conviction and self-discovery together.



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