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Five Ways to Make Time

You can dream until your dream comes true, but at some point you have to wake up and do some work. You may think you don't have time to pursue your goals, but here are a few tips that have helped me:

  1. Sacrifice a few hours of sleep. Get up earlier or go to bed later than usual. These few hours of quiet time will get you a few steps closer to your goal.

  2. Join a Mastermind group. Connect with like-minded people who are working on goals too. Schedule meetings to check in with each other.

  3. Carry a journal. Utilize quiet time in your car, while you're in the bathroom, on your lunch break, or while doing chores to think, pray or write. Even with exercise, experts say you can be productive ten minutes at a time.

  4. Make yourself a priority. Schedule time in your day to sharpen your skills with a training course, a business mentor, a life coach, or to read/listen to a book or podcast.

  5. Start your day with vision. Read your scriptures, mission statement, or affirmations daily. This will get your mind focused.

This is your legacy we are talking about. There are no excuses.

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