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Stand On Your Strength

Hello Scribes,

Happy Black History Month!

I love February because it is a time to intentionally learn about and celebrate people in the Black Community who have made a difference. When I was in high school there were always power-packed Black History Month programs with poetry, dancing, singing, speech contests, and speakers. For me, celebrating these powerful visionaries always inspired me.

This year is different. I am celebrating you. Thank you for being a history-maker. Thank you for standing on your strength and showing others how to do it.


Take a moment to write down some of your history making moments and celebrate them.


For the past two years, I have been in my writing lab. You are the first to know that in a couple of weeks, I am releasing a new book, Remember Your Strength. This memoir will inspire you to embrace your inner resilience and curate your own stories of resilience. Get ready to dive into my self-discovery, ignited by a pivotal event that challenged me to confront my deepest fears and embrace my true strength. You can learn more here, make sure to add your email address for updates:

Check out the latest interview from my podcast, The Ink Spill with Taurus Blannon, who is an ambassador for the Left Ventricular Artificial Heart. Taurus' heart died and he was in a coma for several months. When he woke up, his life was changed and now he is an ambassador for health. Listen to his testimony of strength and share it with someone who could use some encouragement.

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