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What is a Scribe Coach?

In Dr. Muriel Brailey’s Literature course at Wilberforce University I fell in love with the word "GRIOT."

When I learned about the culture of traveling artisans from West Africa and how they carried, maintained, and respected oral history, I saw a clearer picture of myself. I thought back to my family of origin and how my parents were intentional to expose me to elders who recounted vivid tales about their lives. While my father’s radio created a musical backdrop, I internalized what my loved ones shared in their animated talking circles.

I have never forgotten my Grandma Horton’s story about trying to register to vote in Barnesville, Georgia. When the proctor asked her, “How many bubbles are in a bar of soap?” She knew she was not going to be able to register that day. Both of my grandfathers and all of my paternal great uncles served in the military. My Grandma Dear and Maternal grandfather were both educators. Even though I didn't understand war, Jim Crow, discrimination, or inequality, I believe their strength was quilted into my existence, stitched by resilience, creativity, and love. I carried their stories, in fact, I would sing them to my friends, in my school classrooms and in my writing as often as I could. I became a GRIOT, but I didn’t have a name for it.

My freshman year in college the word GRIOT awakened up my purpose. It crawled inside of my heart and exploded. It gave me permission to ask people to tell me their stories and try to help them record them. GRIOTS in West Africa were traditionally men, but I embodied the spirit of their work. After researching other definitions and synonyms for writers, I adopted “SCRIBE COACH” as my moniker.

What is a Scribe Coach?

I support leaders in transition by helping you get unstuck, execute your goals, and inscribe your legacy. My goal is to support creatives in completing unfinished written projects.

We start our project with a Scribe Development Plan that we develop together. It is driven by your goals, ideas, timelines, and mission. You identify the purpose and your supporters to help you finish. Our document template will help you visualize your book as it transforms from notes and ideas into a book in front of your eyes.

Scribe Coaching includes research of your subject matter in order to ensure that we complete a project that is compelling and impactful for you and your audience.

I believe that Scribes record history and have a responsibility to do so. I will hold your vision close to my heart and uphold you as you inscribe your words in stone.

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